Lemelson–MIT Prize

The Lemelson-MIT Program awards several prizes yearly to inventors in the United States. The largest is the Lemelson–MIT Prize which was endowed in 1994 by Jerome H. Lemelson, funded by the Lemelson Foundation, and is administered through the School of Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The winner receives $500,000, making it the largest cash prize for invention in the U.S.
The $100,000 Lemelson-MIT Award for Global Innovation (previously named the Award for Sustainability) was last awarded in 2013. The Award for Global Innovation replaced the $100,000 Lemelson-MIT Lifetime Achievement Award, which was awarded from 1995-2006. The Lifetime Achievement Award recognized outstanding individuals whose pioneering spirit and inventiveness throughout their careers improved society and inspired others.
The Lemelson-MIT Program also awards invention prizes for college students, called the Lemelson-MIT Student Prize.


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List of winners[edit]


Ramesh Raskar (Lemelson–MIT Prize)[1]


Jay Whitacre (Lemelson–MIT Prize)[2]


Sangeeta N. Bhatia (Lemelson–MIT Prize)


Angela Belcher (Lemelson–MIT Prize)[3]
Rebecca Richards-Kortum and Maria Oden (Lemelson–MIT Award for Global Innovation)


Stephen Quake

Stephen Quake (Lemelson–MIT Prize)[4]

(Scientist, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Professor of Biophysics and Genomics at Stanford University)

Ashok Gadgil (Lemelson–MIT Award for Global Innovation)


John A. Rogers

John A. Rogers (Lemelson–MIT Prize)

(Professor, Physical Chemist, and Materials Scientist at Northwestern University)

Elizabeth Hausler (Lemelson–MIT Award for Sustainability)


Carolyn Bertozzi, receiving the Emanuel Merck Lectureship in 2011

Carolyn Bertozzi (Lemelson–MIT Prize)
BP Agrawal (Lemelson–MIT Award for Sustainability)


Chad Mirkin

Chad Mirkin (Lemelson–MIT Prize)

George B. Rathmann Professor of Chemistry, Professor of Medicine, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, and Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, and Director of the International Institute for Nanotechnology and Center for Nanofabrication and Molecular Self-Assembly at Northwestern University

Joel Selanikio[5] (Lemelson–MIT Award for Sustainability)

CEO and co-Founder, Magpi, and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Georgetown Universi

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